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Mesaj de Bazil » 19 Aug 2008, 21:51

De scurs se scurge....da nu-i bine sa bagi fulgerul in rulota! De aceea am scris mai sus ca trebuie scos din rulota firul de antena. Si pentru siguranta si cablul de alimentare al rulotei, ca de multe ori loveste undeva in linia de retea, transformatoare si impulsul se de regula termina in fractiune de secunda cu tot ce-i bagat in priza... :roll:

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Calin Jurca
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Mesaj de Calin Jurca » 19 Aug 2008, 21:58

Sansa de a fi loviti de fulger este de 1/50.000.000.La LOTO 6/49 sansa de castig este de 1/24.000.000.
"Trazniti" suntem multi.
Amalia & Calin

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Cristian Irimescu
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Mesaj de Cristian Irimescu » 19 Aug 2008, 22:09

Asa e. Si nici macar nu am fost loviti de trasnet.. :D

Klaudiu Boghiu
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Mesaj de Klaudiu Boghiu » 19 Aug 2008, 22:22

da si cand o fi sa te loveasca! acum depinde ce: loto sau fulgerul.sanse vad eu, ar fi mai mari la loto :)


Mesaj de parpaneata » 19 Aug 2008, 22:28

Super multe raspunsuri! Si pertinente! Sper ca prietenul meu "fulgerica" e in tema acum! :lol:
"Fierul" ala de l-am primit impreuna cu rulota,are vreo 1,80 m. Este profil "I"( de la Ion). Si parca are un fir care se leaga de un anume surub de pe sasiu. Il am in tzipla si nu-l car dupa mine. :lol: Cred ca e o pamantare ceva. Peti ar trebui sa stie dar.....nici el nu-l cara in rulota! :lol:
Rog pe cei priceputi sa dea ceva sfaturi si despre ce trebuie sa faci atunci cand te prinde furtuna departe de rulota! Sfaturile de pana acum cred ca prind bine oricui.


Mesaj de Bazil » 20 Aug 2008, 07:36

parpaneata scrie: ceva sfaturi si despre ce trebuie sa faci atunci cand te prinde furtuna departe de rulota!

Sa te rogi ca ingerul tau pazitor sa nu fie plecat in concediu... :lol: sau sa fii al 49.999.999 din previziunea statistica de mai sus

parpaneata scrie:Fierul" ala de l-am primit impreuna cu rulota,are vreo 1,80 m. Este profil "I"( de la Ion). Si parca are un fir care se leaga de un anume surub de pe sasiu.

Este cum am banuit eu ca e vorba de o simpla impamantare. Pai la lungimea aceea face ceva treaba...numai ca as vrea sa te vad cand il scoti din pamant la terminarea camparii :lol: . Cred ca e pentru cei care au rulota montata fix undeva pe post de cabana...locuinta. In instructiuni nu scrie nimic?

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Sandu Toma
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Mesaj de Sandu Toma » 20 Aug 2008, 12:25

Am gasit cateva sfaturi pe un site (pentru cititorii de limba engleza)
Pentru ceilalti cititori, ma voi stradui sa cfac un rezumat i limba romana.

Summer storms move quickly
Be prepared whatever the weather
Harry Pegg
Calgary Sun
August 18, 2005

Weather. Ain’t it grand?

Getting out there and into the arms of Ma Nature … finding a camp spot, taking a hike, launching your canoe or boat to do a little fishing, playing a round of golf …

With any kind of luck, we’ve seen the worst of the summer rains, but it never hurts to be prepared since we seem to be getting more than our fair share of thunderstorms.

Hah, you say!

I’ve got as much chance of being hit by lightning as I do of winning the lottery.

Actually, if you don’t keep an eye out, you could find your ticket punched a lot more easily than having a lottery winner.

So I thought I’d see if I could find some weather-wary hints.

Here are some to keep in mind considering the propensity for severe weather old Mom has shown lately.

Perhaps thunderstorms are the least understood and probably most feared (other than a tornado) of the weather extremes we experience around here.

Thunderstorms tend to form in the early- to mid-afternoon, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the sky for one that bubbles up earlier in the day.

Fair-weather clouds are the kind that sculpt puffy images as you lay back on a hillside and watch.

It’s when they begin to tower up into deep clouds with dark bases that you should beware ... this is likely a thunderstorm in the making.

If a tall cloud starts to flatten out at the top, there’s no doubt you have a boomer coming.

If a day hike has taken you up a mountain side, on a ridge or slope above timberline or into a forest meadow, an approaching thunderstorm is a real menace.

You must get to lower elevation, preferably into a dense forest in a depression.

Don’t take shelter under an isolated tree or trees taller than the surrounding timber.

Stay away from water, metal fences or any other electrical conductor and don’t let your family bunch up. Keep at least 30 metres apart.

If you’re wearing backpacks with metal frames, get rid of them.

If you’re in a boat, get to shore. NOW!

If you’re caught in the open, don’t be the tallest object around, get as low as you can, but don’t lie prone on the ground and stay away from the tallest object.

Lightning doesn’t always give a warning such as tingling sensations or hair standing on end.

If you see a lightning flash, a rough measure of the storm’s distance is to count the seconds between the flash and the thunder crash.

Five seconds is about a mile.

The experts say that if the time is under 30 seconds, get to shelter.

Some people bring a tent along for the kids while mom and dad sleep in the lap of luxury in the RV, but don’t let the kids stay in the tent in a thunderstorm.

It might protect them from rain, but if they’re lying down in the tent, they are at risk from ground currents.

Being inside a vehicle does afford protection, but not because you’re sitting on rubber tires.

It’s because you’re inside a metallic “cage” and the current will go through that frame rather than through you.

That’s the hot part of the storm warning. Now for the wet part.

If you’ve chosen to park near a stream, a flash flood could really dampen your experience.

Even tiny streams can become a raging torrent in a very short time, especially in mountainous areas where you might never see the storm that dumps the water into the little brook beside your campsite.

While the babble of that bubbling brook can be peaceful to fall asleep to, you don’t want to wake up to water roaring around your unit.

And a flash flood is more common at night.
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